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Phonics Tracker is an instant assessment and tracking program for phonics, high frequency words and the phonics screening check. Designed by teachers for teachers to simplify the assessment of phonics by instantly recording whether a child can successfully pronounce the phoneme or word, tracking progress across the primary English curriculum.


Assess your children each step of the way.
Assess your pupils in real-time capturing results while you work to save on needless admin. Allowing you to focus on your pupils' individual needs.
Assess them over Phonemes, High Frequency Words, Blending, Segmenting, The Phonics Screening Check as well as Writing assessments.
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Report on year group or set. Track progress of each child quickly and easily.
With charts for every phoneme and every child, teachers can see which phonics gaps their class has and tailor their lessons to the needs of their classes.
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Learn with support. Print worksheets to support home learning.
Our worksheets are tailored to each child's oustanding objectives and can be easily printed off to allow parents to become an integral part of their child's learning.
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Track each year group. Track periodically and report on gender, SEN and disadvantaged pupils.
Snapshots can be taken of the school's assessments so that you’ll be able to track a child's phonic progress over time and identify whether interventions are working for children with special educational needs. The progress will be recorded on a line graph.
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Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP) Programmes

Ultimate flexibility to teach with your chosen programme of work.
Choose from either already government validated Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP) programmes or create your own bespoke programme of work.
With Phonics Tracker we aim to offer ultimate flexibility so you can choose how you teach your classes and track progress towards the Phonics Screening Test. No matter what programme of work you wish to use we have your back.
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